What is Neon Divide?

Neon Divide (ND) is a live-action Sci-Fi Virtual Reality episodic production. ND was conceived in January 2019 and launched its first season October of 2019.

Season 4 of Neon Divide has been over a year in the making and will feature a cast of over 150 characters played by real actors and 100 streamed points of view on Twitch. Neon Divide as grown to be the largest episodic VR production in the world.

What is Role-Play/RP?

Role-playing is the changing of one’s behavior to assume a role or to act out an adopted role. The cast of Neon Divide role-plays characters they created within a world designed and run by the Game Master Team. The players/actors are not their Characters, and it is important to not take the actions or words of characters as those of the actor.

Can I join the ND cast?

The cast of Neon Divide is comprised of members of the VRChat community referred by the Staff or existing cast during open casting calls. Currently casting for Neon Divide is open summer 2024. Join our Discord for more information

Can I join ND as a Supporting Cast Player?

Supporting Cast Players (known internally as SCPs, commonly referred to as “extras” in entertainment) are role-players who assist the Neon Divide production by filling Non-Player Character roles on an as-needed basis. Similar to the casting process, extras are known or referred by existing cast members from other existing improv role-playing groups.

Is Neon Divide scripted?

Neon Divide is a live-action improv production. Each ‘day’ of Neon Divide will generally have an list of planned events that the Production and Extras teams prepare ahead of time. However, these events do not have scripted outcomes and the cast is not informed of the events ahead of time. In that way, Neon Divide functions similar to Live Action Role Play (LARP).

Where can I find out more about the Neon Divide universe and lore?

Check out the Neon Divide wiki for the latest on world lore and character information.

How do I get into VR?

VR requires Virtual Reality Headsets and Controllers which are on the market at the consumer level. Popular headsets and controllers are produced by HTC (Vive), Oculus (Rift series and Quest), and Valve (Index). With the exception of the Quest, most VR headsets require a decent gaming computer with a dedicated graphics card to run properly. The minimum spec for Neon Divide characters is Nvidia GTX 1070 or equivalent. VRChat is a CPU heavy application and limits its features for Quest users.

What is VRChat?

VRChat is a free and open Virtual Reality social platform. It allows users to upload custom-built models and worlds. Neon Divide runs on VRChat with custom maps and models.

Is Neon Divide a video game?

Neon Divide is produced and runs on the game VRChat. VRChat runs on the Unity platform, which is frequently used for Game Engines. Much like other Role-Play communities based on games, Neon Divide uses the existing platform to make its own world and story. While the current role-play ready maps are kept private by the Production team, the maps for seasons 1-3 have been released for the public to explore on VRChat!

How can I support Neon Divide?

Neon Divide is supported by our viewers and community through our Patreon! If you enjoy ND and want to see the project grow please consider supporting us. Even the base level of support is incredibly valuable. Cast members can be reached and given donations through their individual Twitch pages, which are listed on the VRChat Wiki’s Neon Divide Cast page