Neon Divide is set approximately 300 years in the future. Humanity has branched out and met the multitude of other races that inhabit the galaxy. Technology has continued to advance creating the cyberpunk dystopia of Neon Divide. The main superpowers of the galaxy were the seven megacorporations and the Galactic Union. However, after the war of unification, the Union lost its power and has become a puppet government of the corporations. For the corporations, the bottom line is everything and must be maintained at all costs. However, the corporations would never directly get their hands dirty. They often hire shadow runners (bounty hunters) to do their dirty work for them. Please explore the Neon Divide lore below, or visit the wiki for more information.

The Characters

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The Seven Megacorporations:


Trident Media owns and operates all media, news, and entertainment industries. They memed their own brand making them impervious to defamation.


Masaru is the youngest, but one of the most powerful megacorporations and deals in magical items, products, and research. Magic is a new power in the world and Masaru is committed to exploiting it.


Shometsu deals in bleeding edge weaponry and cybernetic technology. Recently they have been investing in hard light.


Valkyrie deals in mainstream power armor, weaponry, and ballistics. Bigger is always better in Valkyrie. They also have a large standing army that they hire out to the highest bidder.


Avalon controls all medical and pharmaceutical production and research. They are both the cause and cure of your chemical addictions. All for profit of course.


Traverse controls the transportation industry both on and off-world. They are known for their warp gate technology enabling near-instantaneous interstellar travel… For a price of course.


GEB controls the food production and consumer good industries. They are by far the largest and most ubiquitous megacorporation. They are known for terraforming and leveling entire planets for food production.

The Galactic Union

Galactic Union

The once powerful democratic government of the people now reduced to a puppet government of the megacorporations after the war of unification.

The War of Unification

The War of Unification was fought 30 years ago between the Megacorporations and the Galactic Union. Although the exact cause of the war is unknown. It quickly turned into a war of attrition. The union underestimated the corporations and with the help of Traverse’s warp gate technology, the union was outmaneuvered and surrendered. For all intents and purposes, the megacorporations have complete control over the galaxy and its potential for monetary exploitation.


Magic is a new power that came into the world a half-century ago. It is poorly understood and hard to control. Because of this, citizens of Salvation City mistrust magic users and ostracize them from society due to their unpredictability.

Salvation City

Salvation City is the primary metropolis on the otherwise desolate planet of Hellion. The corporations have made their local headquarters here, granting a certain level of prestige and wealth to the upper layers of the city.

The Maps

The Row

The Row is a slum of Salvation City located right between the barrier wall of the city and the city’s graywater aqueduct. The denizens that live here are usually low income individuals rejected or hiding from normal society. Corporate interference is tolerated openly, but secretly hated by those that live here.

The Undercity

The homeless and magically inclined of Salvation City, being shunned and rejected by the inhabitants of the row, decided to hollow out an old abandoned subway system beneath The Row to build their homes and businesses. This secret society is known as the Undercity. The Undercity is also home to the grove, a magically grown oasis in the concrete jungle.

The Wasteland

The Wasteland is the area surrounding the mile-high barrier walls of Salvation City. This is a harsh environment where only the tough and strong survive. The desert is littered with ancient debris and crashed spaceships from the war. Scrappers and treasure hunters risk the savage wildlife and weather to make a living.

The Uppercity

The Uppercity is where the megacorporations built their local headquarters. This is the height of society, wealth and technology. Everyone who is fortunate enough to live here are top level executives, members, and contractors for the megacorporations. The central galactic union building is the administrative and bureaucratic center of the city.